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My schooling took place in a small town surrounded by a strong and deeply rooted rural community. The first major influence in my life was my father, a musician and band teacher who helped shape my initial appreciation of music and the importance of sharing music on a stage, conductor's podium, and rumpus room. After receiving a degree in music education, I decided to explore the world for an action packed quarter century as a touring professional musician, café owner and festival producer. It is time for me to share my own discoveries and return to the music room to help students find a rich musical experience that they take with them. Despite our achievements and progress, our fast pace life can sometimes leave us winded and feeling alone. To help battle this I believe it is important to stop for reflection often, and take time to make your own music that will help with your own personal expression. I believe it is important to collaborate in meaningful ways with other teachers and artists to enhance your own skill level and to help students make relevant relationships that will help them connect their learning experiences with their living experiences.

Teaching Philosophy

Music, no matter what style or expression, when taught with passion and dedicated spirit, has the power to change the human soul.

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