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Survival Handbook

Balance and mindfulness given to the following areas is how I define self care,
and how I intend to maintain a level of health required to accept the responsibility of becoming an effective teacher.


Music, art, projects, cultural discoveries, culinary experiences are all outcomes of encouraging myself to be as creative as often as possible. 

Creative Goals:

Continue to express myself through music. Learn more songs and genres of music. Compose, arrange and continue to realize the therapeutic effect of music.


Enjoying the creations of others. Discover new works of art and appreciate the therapeutic nature of experiencing the creative expression of another. 

Experience Goals:

Stray further from my own playlists (music, film, books). Surprise myself with something new, quirky or profound. 


Play. Often. 

Performance Goals:

Larger venues, concerts and festivals

Collaborations. Deeper exploration of opportunities to perform with Indigenous musicians. 


Family. Camping. Walk. Yoga. Tone. Meditate.

Exercise Goals:

Run. Lift. Hike. Climb.

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